Maisie & Andy | Harvest Moon Wedding, Scotland | Boho & Natural



Step into the enchanting world of a wedding as unique as the couple themselves. Imagine a ceremony nestled among towering trees in the forest, followed by whimsical portraits on the serene beach of Harvest Moon, Dunbar. As an alternative wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed love stories that defy convention, and this one was no exception.

From the moment I arrived, I sensed it would be a day filled with laughter, joy, and magic. Guests whispered amidst the rustling leaves, adding to the air of excitement. Exchanging vows surrounded by nature’s embrace brought a sense of serenity and connection that lingered long after the last “I do.”

After the heartfelt ceremony, we headed to Dunbar’s picturesque beach. The sun cast its golden glow, and waves serenaded in the background as the newlyweds frolicked in the sand, lost in their own world.

What made this wedding truly special was the couple’s commitment to authenticity. From unconventional décor to quirky dance moves, every detail reflected their unique personalities. It was a celebration that felt authentic, genuine, and utterly unforgettable.

Packing up my camera, I felt grateful for capturing such precious moments. Because ultimately, weddings aren’t about tradition or trends. They’re about reflecting who you are as a couple and celebrating that love in all its beautiful, whimsical glory.

Here’s to love without bounds, weddings that break the mould, and couples who dare to be different. Embrace your unique journey because when you do, the possibilities are endless.

SUPPLIERS: Venue: Harvest Moon, Scotland Wedding Dress: Serendipity Bridal Bridesmaids Dress: Rewritten Celebrant: Caroline Pearson Styling/Décor: Birdcages & Dragons Catering: Wild Rover Food

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