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The morning of a wedding is beyond exciting, but also super busy! If you’re not careful, it might not go as you planned! So, if you want to ace your bridal prep and enjoy it to its fullest, take note of these easy tips and tricks!


Your bridal prep is all about getting in the zone, right? Well, here’s the secret sauce – music! Pump up the excitement by borrowing a portable speaker and blasting a playlist of absolute bangers. (Psst, a little Vengaboys never hurt anyone!) The last thing you need on your wedding morning is to worry about what to listen to. So, a couple of days before the big day, whip up a killer playlist (or snag one from Spotify), and watch as the good vibes roll in. Pro tip: the longer the playlist, the better! And make sure it’s on a loop, so those tunes keep the candid moments and energy going without a dull moment. Let’s turn that bridal prep into a party!


You’ve scoured Instagram, Pinterest, and every wedding magazine for those perfect touches that complete your wedding look. Let’s ensure these details are not just noticed but forever remembered in your photos! I’ve got a little pro tip for you – the night before your wedding, gather all these precious items in a box. Designate one of your bridesmaids as the guardian of this treasure trove, and voila! No morning chaos, no frantic searches. It’s all about stress-free elegance!

In that magical box, toss in your engagement ring (and its box), jewellery, shoes, perfume, hairpins, your wedding invitation, and anything else sentimental you’d love to see captured in your wedding photography collection. This becomes my first mission in the morning – capturing these details so that after I work my photography magic, they’re ready for you to rock! Let’s make sure those carefully chosen details shine as bright as your love story!


Ah, the age-old battle of bras and socks on the wedding morning – they can be the sneakiest foes! Those pesky marks they leave behind can linger for hours. Here’s a game-changing tip: embrace the comfort of PJs for as long as you can, and trade those socks for snuggly slippers. Voila! No more worrying about unsightly imprints on your skin, and your feet stay toasty warm. It’s the little things that can make your wedding morning extra cosy and stress-free!


Here’s a gem of a tip to kick off a few days before your wedding: stay hydrated! Downing plenty of water works wonders by flushing out impurities, leaving your skin looking and feeling its best. It’s not just a boon for your makeup artist; it also ensures your makeup stays put without needing constant touch-ups.

But, hold on, don’t forget to keep the hydration train rolling on the morning of your wedding! With all the excitement and the whirlwind of activities, your wedding day can be a marathon. Task one of your fabulous bridesmaids with the mission of keeping your glass full – and I’m not just talking about prosecco! Trust me, you’ll appreciate this little boost as you soak in every magical moment of your incredible day. Cheers to staying refreshed and fabulous!


A little photography secret – light is everything, and natural light is our absolute best friend, especially during your bridal prep! Whether you’re getting ready at home, a hotel, or a venue, scout out that spot flooded with natural sunlight. Opt for those big windows over dingy artificial lighting any day. Why? Because us wedding photographers are head over heels for natural light!

Not only does it work wonders for your skin, giving you that radiant glow, but it also sets the stage for the most breathtaking photos. So, embrace the sunlight, and let’s make sure your bridal prep is not just a routine but a radiant experience filled with stunning moments!


The wedding morning is an emotional rollercoaster. Letters from parents, kind words from siblings, and hugs from loved ones – you’re bound to shed a tear or two! Now, as someone who thrives on capturing emotions, I absolutely adore these moments. However, I understand that waterworks can wreak havoc on your makeup. That’s why I have a little suggestion: schedule these heartfelt moments before you sit down for your makeup.

Typically, the bride has her makeup done closer to the end of the bridal prep to ensure it lasts longer. This also means you have more time to embrace those emotions without worrying about smudged makeup. It’s a perfect blend of heartfelt moments and flawless makeup – the ideal combination for an emotionally beautiful and picture-perfect wedding morning!


No matter how early you rise for your bridal prep, the morning has a knack for slipping away in the blink of an eye (picture me clicking my fingers right about now). Time can easily slip through your fingers, especially with the hustle and bustle of makeup artists and hair stylists working their magic. Now, if you’re getting ready at your venue, the presence of a wedding planner can be a game-changer in keeping things on schedule.

But what if you find yourself at home or a hotel? Fear not! Instead of turning into a bridal party of headless chickens, why not designate one of your bridesmaids as the official timekeeper? (Pssst, go for the bossiest one, but shh, let’s keep that between us.) They can keep you posted on the ticking clock, ensuring you stay on track while you focus on savoring the morning, stress-free! Because let’s face it, the last thing you need is a time-related headache on your wedding day.

Oh, as a wedding photographer, I could chat about wedding mornings all day long, but let’s wrap it up for now. I truly hope these tips sprinkle a bit of magic to help you create the wedding morning you’ve always dreamed of! If you ever want to dive deeper into wedding day wonders, I’m just a message away. Wishing you the most beautiful and dreamy wedding day, filled with love and joy! Isabelle xx

Venues Featured Above. The Venue, Halifax. Van Dyk Hotel, Chesterfield. Rossington Hall, Doncaster. Manor House, Lindley. Bowden Rooms, Altrincham.

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