The Step Back Approach to Wedding Photography

Looking to book your wedding photographer, but unsure what you’ll get? I hear you! A stranger knocking on your door on the morning of your big day doesn’t exactly fill anyone with confidence, but I don’t want to be a stranger at your wedding!

Let’s get to know each other! I offer a no obligation meet and greet to really get to know you and your wedding plans. I get to know about you and what you want for your day, and importantly you’ll get to know about me and the way I work. Let’s meet for a coffee (or even a cheeky pint) and talk through your plans! Before then, why not take a look at my featured Weddings below.

Every special day is different! Whether you’re having a traditional wedding, or something more unique, with my freshly crafted packages, I’m sure I can find the perfect one for you! Visit my Prices & Packages page for more info about the wedding photography services I provide.

Featured Weddings

billie and lewis
charlotte and rob

Liam and Kate
sarah and rory

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